How Is Yoga And Life Coaching Alike?

One of the most powerful lessons from yoga is learning to live in the present, not reliving the

Life Coaching & Yoga

Yoga And Life Coaching

past or venturing into the future. Our inner voices often rehearse past situations, project, doubt, and speculation. While practicing yoga, you train your mind to soften, gain more space from breathing, and practice awareness in postures and poses.

In life coaching, you learn useful tools to use daily that will keep you in the present and these can be used in all situations both on and off the mat. The basics of a holistic life coach will teach you all the aspects of your being; from understanding your heart’s desires and dreams to translating dreams into action then executing your devised plan.

For most of us, we excel in one area such as dreaming, but struggle in taking action steps toward making our dreams reality. The fundamentals of both yoga and life coaching are very similar. It is about aligning the heart, mind, and body. Life coaching provides support and guidance towards understanding your purpose of learning to look at your inner world and getting to know who you are at the of your core being. Yoga helps you gain the awareness of your physical body and connecting that with who you are at your core being. With both of these practices you will live every day in happiness and in the present.

The benefits of yoga give a feeling of clarity, happiness, and awareness during the practice, yet some find it challenging to use those in every day interaction. Yoga is a great entry point to understanding who you are and becoming conscious, but if we wish to carry this into our relationships we must learn to live it. The union of yoga and life coaching will help you gain clarity both on and off the mat and will feed everything you choose to do in your life.  To learn more about the benefits of life coaching and yoga visit Taryn Allen Coaching.

Why Yoga For Seniors Is Getting Popular Amoung The Elderly?

What we have learned over the years is that as our bodies age, it goes through a lot of

Senior Yoga

Yoga For Seniors

different changes and this is why senior’s especially notice these changes as they include such things like arthritis which is known to reduce flexibility and have other negative effects on senior citizen joints. Other effects of aging are reduced energy levels and bone density. These are just a few of the things that can affect the elderly person’s fitness level and as a result this will limit the variety of exercise routines that senior citizens can participate in.

This is why it is more common to see seniors either swimming or walking instead of doing jogging or other types of high impact activities. What is becoming more popular among seniors today is Yoga. They like Asana which are slow, gentle postures and Hatha Yoga, which if focused on centered movement, which have proven to help seniors to reduce or eliminate pain and to loosen tight joints. For seniors to remain healthy emotionally and physically, they need to do some sort of low impact exercise, which is why yoga is perfect for the elderly.

There may be some hesitation among seniors to get started, especially if they haven’t practiced meditation, pranayama and asana before or if it has been a long time since they last did it. As well as seniors are sometimes skeptical of their ability to actually do the required poses. But with the right yoga instructor that specialize in senior yoga, they can offer the right guidance and advice, about breathing and the practical application of the different techniques and as a results seniors will find that senior yoga techniques can improve their way of life.

Other benefits of senior citizen yoga are that it can increase flexibility and strength in the elderly, as well as reduce their stress levels. More and more senior living facilities are introducing Yoga for seniors to their residents, because they know that yoga can help to give them purpose in life again and give them a sense of personal satisfaction. The Asana techniques can be modified to work for anyone that may have physical limitations, such as the Chair Yoga. Chair yoga allows seniors to do poses while seating in a chair and if they are doing balance or standing poses, they can use the chair for additional support.